Aikatsu! – 03

Why are you so moe, Ichigo?

Alright, and on to episode 3! Aoi gets to be Mizuki-chan’s temp manager; what sort of work awaits her? Starting this episode we’ve got a new team member, and another week of experience helping us to get you the best quality episode we can. Of course, you just can’t sub without issues, so despite the fact that we’re finished Monday night, this’ll most likely be posted sometime on Tuesday. Sorry for the delay, and from now on depending on outside circumstances you may be seeing early releases some weeks.

This weeks translator note: At about 10 minutes in you’ll see a person saying “persu tecu”. This comes from バイヤー イイカワ (baiya iikawa), in other words ヤバイかわいい (yabai kawaii), which you might recognize as what we had as “super cute”.  It’s a bit easier to do this in Japanese, due to how the syllabary works.

Episode 03: Torrent | DDL

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