Hello!! Kiniro Mosaic — 12

And it was all a dream, just like in Yuyu

And it was all a dream, just like in Yuyu

Alright, finally, we’re done with the second season of Kinmoza. Did you enjoy it? I… well, wasn’t particularly moved. But whether you liked it or not, you should definitely watch Wakaba Girl, which is by the same author and is so much better. I’m glad I could keep my promise and get this out before next season. Keep an eye out for more Aikatsu, probably the only thing we’re doing next season.

This episode brought to you in part by Asenshi.

Episode 12: Torrent

14 thoughts on “Hello!! Kiniro Mosaic — 12

  1. Thank you for picking up and finishing; well worth the wait. (though I did enjoy Wakaba Girl a little bit more, but both shows were cute).

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