8 thoughts on “Aikatsu Stars! – 097

  1. It’s so, so good see Elza smiling sincerely. You can feel that the burden she was carrying was gone and she’s ready for a new life.

  2. Sigh, there sails the ship, and all the best characters with it. At least they had my favorite stage yet.

    Can I also mention how the writers really had fun with Ako in this second season? Aside from Elza, she’s the only one who has had her relationships expanded beyond the standard comfort zone.

    • What if the headmaster actually sent her away?

      “Ashida Yuri, you are at the bottom of the class, and your idol ranking just keeps falling. Time for you to pack up and leave. I heard Venus Ark will accept just about everyone now, do consider it”.

      What a sad fate for who was once among the best first-years.

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