Aikatsu Stars! – 093

What does it mean… to become light?

It begins in earnest. I was considering writing a long explanation about just how tragic Elza is, but I may not get around to it before it’s too late. In any case, she easily ranks among the top three most troubled Aikatsu idols and I believe strongly that she is deserving of empathy. When even your opponents worry this much about you, perhaps it’s time to reconsider your choices. And yet, being unable to do that in part due to external factors outside your control is what makes this so painful to watch. I can only pray that she is saved soon. In lighter news, a oneshot girl I love is coming back next week, so I’m super excited for that too!

Episode 093: Torrent | Magnet

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  1. Thank you!

    I do feel sorry for Elza because I can empathize with how she became who she is now. But at the same time she is harsh to Rola, who is another character who’s gotten beaten down emotionally a lot. I hope things are resolved for the both of them.

  2. Elza was always stern, but this episode felt like she mean just for the sake of being mean. Maybe they want to be sure the viewers will be rooting for Yume. I’m sure she will be saved, but I fear that might happen too late, when she won’t seem to deserve it anymore.

    I have a vague idea of what might happen by the end with the Moon Dress and all, but so far the writers have done a good job of dodging my expectations.

    • On the contrary, Rei is the only character who knows about Elza’s true motivation, which only encourages the audience to feel for her more. And yet through her words and actions, not just Kirara and Aria, but Yume, Laura, and Mahiru can see through Elza’s facade to the self-destructive behavior she’s exhibiting. Elza’s not being mean, she’s just lashing out to protect the fragile ego of her emotionally stunted self. After all, she’s spent years and years on this project to get the Sun Dress. Rather than admit it’s all been for nothing (which I would disagree with anyway, in the same way that Rei told the girls that the time they spent improving at Venus Ark was meaningful), Elza’s only choice is to dig in deeper and follow the rails she’s laid out, no matter what anyone says.

      Maybe I’m just old, but I can’t hate her or even be mad at her. I just want to help her.

      • More than hating or being mad, I’m disappointed. The way Elza helped Kirara last week, showed that she still cares after all. So for her to suddenly want Rei kicked out of the tournament, feels unwarranted and maybe even a bit forced.

        In the midst of all that is happening now, I wonder if Elza’s mom even knows what’s going on with her daughter.

  3. Top three most troubled Aikatsu idols…let me guess, by the names of Mizuki, Hime and Elza respectively? Not that surprised, considering top idols always have had demons of their own that very few could ever comprehend.

  4. Elza is so sad a person since she has been digging her own grave since she entered the series and still doesn’t see so herself.

    It already started at the moment in her past when she convinced herself obtaining the sundress and becoming number 1 with it would equal her getting acknowledged by her mother, which should be considered her true goal. Everything she did since that moment as been done on this assumption. At this point there is no confirmation at all her mother would actually be moved by Elza obtaining the goals she set on her own.

    And all in the meantime her personality and the way she treats the rest doesn’t give me any reason to be rooting for her. To be honest i feel more disgusted about her as feeling sorry for her.

  5. Thanks, cutie. I kinda wonder if Elza is a standin for Icarus, ‘cause the symbolism is definitely there.

    Also, wow, I love Rei. They’ve really made her into a splendid character.

  6. I agree. I see Elza as a tragic heroine, and like all tragic heroines, I hope she is able to be saved. Can’t wait to see Yume open up an epic can of whoop-ass on her, and finally get her to open her eyes.

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