Aikatsu Stars! – 076

Fairies: Actual size

There’s something really special about the first episode of a new half-season, not to mention something special about the ridiculous workload it entails to do. I suppose you could say this episode marked a new start line, and made sure the viewers knew it. If you want to see that for sure, I’d suggest comparing this episode to any from the very beginning of Stars, particularly the opening. Aria is a lovely girl, although it would be difficult to expect otherwise from her name. I hope you do enjoy this episode with a smile, just as I did (particularly the first few seconds of the new OP for me).

Episode 076: Torrent | Magnet

P.S. Today/tomorrow, October 8th, marks the actual 5th anniversary of Aikatsu. Thank you for these five years!

10 thoughts on “Aikatsu Stars! – 076

  1. Love the OP, but this ED may be my favorite one in Aikatsu Stars and one of the best in the whole franchise. Kayoko Ishikawa art is amazing and the whole animation sequence is beautiful and fits perfectly with the music.

  2. Aikatsu, for me, is something transcedental, supernatural. Every week, or every time that I watch, happiness, enjoyness, fun, peace, love, and so many fellings fill me up that I can’t describe. Thanks to the whole Mezashite staff for these past five years, and thanks to Aikatsu anime staff for make my life so better.

  3. Thanks as always! Aria is what I didn’t even know my life was missing. And yes, when I realized what they were singing my heart skipped several beats.

    Minor correction, at 14:56 shouldn’t it be “Aikatsu starts with aisatsu”? Though on that note, back in episode 72 I meant to thank you especially for all the work you do translating all the bits of text. I’m sure getting the styles to match at 4:52 wasn’t easy!

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