Aikatsu Stars! – 071

Ignore the sheep, Koharu has the coolest hairstyles. And her kao is ii

It’s an emotional rollercoaster through unexpected twists and turns, passing by everything you know and love, and even things you may not have seen coming. I’m glad I didn’t have to drop the show. Thanks, Elza.

Episode 071: Torrent | Magnet

15 thoughts on “Aikatsu Stars! – 071

  1. Incredibly bummed about Koharu once again not getting a stage, and seeing as how there is a new character coming next episode that means Koharu and Ako are going to be pushed further into the shadows. My only hope is that with the promise Yume and Koharu make at the end of the episode that we will at least see one performance from Koharu by the end of Stars.

    Also,. why do you keep translating ichiban hoshi ni naru and its varients as being the first star, or very first star. In this context it makes more sense that she is saying she will be the number one star.

    • 一番星 (ichibanhoshi) refers to the first star to appear in the evening. At the end of the episode, Yume points at said star and says ‘ichibanhoshi ni naru’, so as to say that she wants to be the first person that comes to people’s minds when they think of stars/idols.

      Think of it more as her saying that she wants to be the north star, as it’s typically the first star you see at night.

    • Here is my reasoning: First, as Maxine said, ichibanboshi literally means the first star that appears as night. This carries with it the implication that it is the brightest star, as it can be seen even when the final rays of the sun are visible. Also, saying “number one star” is ambiguous in English. While the same word is used for both the celestial body and the meaning of celebrity in English, in Japanese the word “hoshi” means star/planet in space and “sutaa” means the celebrity. Sure, there’s some overlap, but the distinction exists. When there’s ambiguity, I think it takes away from the whole strong theme of Aikatsu Stars, Four Star Academy, etc being literal stars. And finally I just think first-star idol sounds cool.

        • One last comment and I’ll leave this one alone. Mulling over your explanations, would actually referring to herself as the “brightest” star carry the same meaning?

          • Maybe, but earlier on either Elza or Kirara said that she had the Venus Star Wings because the planet/hoshi Venus is the brightest thing in the sky (besides the Sun), but it’s not always visible due to the movement of the planets. Yes, it gets confusing because the same word is used for planet and star. But that’s why a variable name like first-star is applicable. To be honest I’m even confusing myself right now, but it all comes down to a matter of preference.

  2. I’m a bit out of topic here, but… I know Coalgirls, who released episodes 1-152 of Aikatsu in Blu-Ray version, have stopped all their projects, so they won’t do the BDs of 153-178. Any chance that in the future you will be interested to do them?

  3. Although I often disagree with your methods, at this time I also want to say thank you. Aikatsu has been a blessing in my life for five years now; granted, some of those seasons were better than others, but I feel the show is in an excellent place right now, and this episode really reminded me of why I love it so much. So despite my strong objections to certain liberties you’ve taken (and continue to take), I do want to express my gratitude to you for the many years of effort you have put in on viewers’ behalf. Thanks again for your work.

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