Aikatsu Stars! – 069

Aren’t they hot in their winter uniforms?

What kind of sky is above us today, you ask? The kind where it rains only on my eyes when I’m inside sitting at my computer. Have you ever found a four-leaf clover yourself in the wild? I’ve never done it, but apparently Etoce has seen several in his life.

Episode 069: Torrent | Magnet

15 thoughts on “Aikatsu Stars! – 069

  1. Just finished watching, good job as always!

    So… where do you find corrugated cardboard in the wild? Guess it beats an out-of-control pine tree….

  2. Yes, it’s refreshing see this episode. So many things returning to my mind, and a straight smile coming to my face all time during watch one time after another. I feel sorry about other Idol franchise fans that not has a cellebration like that.

  3. Thank you, been _so_ excited for this ^_^

    As for 4 leaf clovers, yeah a bunch. We’ve got some small patches in the front yard and you could prolly find some out there any time you look. I’ve seen a 5 once but nothing higher. When my mother was a kid they had patches where you could find them with up to 9, crazy to think about.

  4. I would really love if they sing one song from the first Aikatsu. Idol Katsudou or Let’s Aikatsu would be really nice. I also want a duet from Ichigo and Yume 🙂

  5. Is it just me, or are Aikatsu Idol’s pretty much oblivious to all other idols? I mean, Akari and Yume are top idols in Japan. Yet they have no idea who each other are. Then again, as we have seen before, they typically are unaware of other major Idols in their own school until the plot decides to focus on them. Oh well. My goddess Aoi, and angel Ichigo are back next episode!

    • Psst. Don’t tell anyone, but Starlight and Four Star aren’t in the same world. Akari said they wanted to go somewhere they’ve never been before: they clearly meant a different universe. And next episode the Ichigo and Yume crews end up stranded on a deserted island that’s between the overlapping dimensional planes of their two worlds.

    • I personally felt like it’s because they’re in different regions, so “number one idol” meant the number one idol for their region, hence why Yume has no idea about THE number one idol, Ichigo, and Akari has no idea about the group of number one idols, S4. This could also explain why Yume didn’t know about Elza. Elza is an international idol while Yume is focusing on her region.

      Akari has the intelligence to figure out other region’s idols (as she met 3 of them), while Yume definitely doesn’t have that kind of intelligence. She’s just ignorant to other big idols.

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