Aikatsu Stars! – 062

Sunsets make everything better

This was the best episode. That’s all. Maybe I’ll post my thoughts a bit later, but as usual, I don’t like influencing the viewers too much. And I’ll be putting up the banners shortly too.

Episode 062: Torrent | Magnet

And also again, this week (!!!) is AX. Super excited to be there and going to the concerts— AIKATSU STARS concert here when?

7 thoughts on “Aikatsu Stars! – 062

  1. Thanks.
    I feel like every episode with Tsubasa has better art than most other episodes.
    I love Tsubasa.
    I’m quite happy that Laura didn’t get her wings; she just got the brand. (Hey, was that her progression aura? Do they just go into it now instead of having their normal aura and then bursting into their progressi(ve)on aura? I forgot if it was progression or progressive lol).
    I love Miracle Force Magic! It was one of my favorite songs and I’m happy they recycled it. Lovely. <3

  2. Well goodbye Tsubasa-senpai I hope we see you again later this year but since she’s going to Hollywood maybe she’ll bump into Haruka which would be neat.

    Miracle Force Magic is one of my favorite songs but I’m kinda upset that the dance was rather plain but the effects were really nice.

    Next week is another Lily episode and I guess after that we won’t see her for a while due to her weak body when it comes to the heat well personally I feel bad for Yuzu because she’ll be alone since the rest of the girls are on Venus Ark (Ako too right?)

    Anyway thanks for the great job!

  3. I almost missed the episode being out cause the banner thing was above it, luckily I checked recent comments and saw it there.
    I’d like to read your thoughts on the episode because while I liked it a lot I didn’t think it was the “best” episode.
    Thanks as always.

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