Aikatsu Stars! – 052

Look at all these cute sidles. Look at them

Look at all these cute sidles. Look at them

Really great framing with them and their new class this episode. It’s only by comparing ourselves to how we used to be that we can see the full extent of our growth.

Episode 052: Torrent | Magnet

Oh, and forgot to say. Kirara’s a sheep, and “hoshi” means both star and planet in Japanese, hence the weird terms.

13 thoughts on “Aikatsu Stars! – 052

    • (that was supposed to say Thanks)

      Oh yeah… Hell hath no fury like an idol… pissed off.

      And I don’t mean Ako. 😉

  1. Love seeing how far Yume has grown since her first days at Four Start Academy. Can’t wait to see what events lead up to Koharu joining Venus Ark as well 😀

  2. I love that they showed Yume being tempted; it really demonstrates the struggle that she’s facing between the path that Elza is offering her and her own path as a member of S4

  3. Kirara made an error… if the word “star” includes all bright objects in the sky, Venus is THIRD brightest. Or are the wings only named after what we call planets? Does that imply there are only eight of them (excluding Earth of course)?

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