26 thoughts on “Aikatsu Stars! – 051

    • 2012.10.8-2014.9.25 = Ichigo Generation
      2014.10.2-2016.3.31 = Akari Generation
      2016.4.6-2017.8.24 = Yume Generation
      2017.8.31-2017.9.28 = FINAL CHAPTER

  1. Welcome to year 2 of Aikatsu Stars, and gosh was this an episode to start with. The direction is top notch, looks amazing and the music is already god-tier.


    Thanks as always to everyone at Mezashite for the subs.

  2. This was one of the best Aikatsu episodes. Elza is amazing and Venus Ark in general is a great idea. Really excited for this season.

    Thank you for the subs~

  3. Yume’s hair change while small makes her look a lot more mature, fits the S4 outfit super well. It’s a lot of fun to see them in their new roles, can’t wait for next week. Thanks for the subs.

  4. But Elza isn’t back, she only just got here…and thank the goddesses for her. This has the potential to be absolutely glorious.

  5. If the writers’ intent was to make Elza unlikeable… they succeeded. Her selfishness and ego together really get on my nerves. Perfect idol? Bull. If I’ve learned anything from Akari and Yume, one of the best lessons was what’s in your heart and how you convey it to those watching you is so important. Elza’s dress and performance may be “perfect”, but I sense nothing in her heart that I could admire or respect. The sooner Akari and Oozorakkon show up and haul Venus Ark back out to sea, the better.

    Anybody else get the feeling that even though Yuzu’s a year older, Yume will end up as the informal leader of S4 like Hime was (especially when Yuzu keeps running off)?

    When Lilli (Lilly?) went into Yuzu Retrieval Mode, I almost snorted my tea. ^_^

    Thanks for the quick subs, I’m going to go rewatch ep 51 now on a bigger screen.

  6. This is very reminiscent of the original series. DreAca gets introduced with a slew of rival idols and dresses with wings. Venus Ark gets introduced with new rivals and dresses with wings. I was actually half-expecting a new arrangement of Aikatsu Step because of this.

    Also, yaaaas Koharu is back!…. but that uniform… three new girls + Koharu = group of four. Perhaps to challenge S4? I guess we’ll have to wait and see…

  7. We don’t know yet if Venus Ark is the school Koharu transferred into when she got to Italy, but she’s only been gone, what, 20 weeks? That would make me think she’s been in Venus Ark all along, and I doubt she knows what Elza is up to regarding Yume. Koharu could transfer back to Four Stars now that they’re in Japan. Who knows where they’re going with this… but I really doubt Koharu’s gone over to The Dark Side. I’m not making any more predictions, I’m only batting about .250 on those. 🙁

  8. Seems this new season will be interesting however I really dislike Elsa she is way too arrogant and selfish. Mizuki despite being a little arrogant at times she was actually doing her utmost for her fans so it make her look cool whereas Elsa is just doing it for herself and her selfish goal.

    I do recognize and admit that her singing voice is the best on the show so far even better than all others from the original Aikatsu as well, but still I dislike her for the reasons already mentioned above and I’m happy I’m not the only one who thinks that way.

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