11 thoughts on “Aikatsu Stars! – 046

  1. Thanks for the quick subs!

    After hearing that the current third-year S4 members would still be competing, I assumed they would continue to serve just like third-years at Starlight Academy who became Starlight Queen would fill that position through most of their first year in high school (Otome, Sakura). Now that the actual rules are revealed, what I thought was going to be the likely outcome is out the window. This show, like the original series, continues to surprise me. (Although I *knew* for sure Akari would become Starlight Queen when she debuted her new dress with the fourth season’s opening theme. 🙂 )

    Under the new rules, I have a new idea how this is all going to turn out. Rephrase that… how I *want* it to turn out.

    • And you’ll get surprise after you know the info that already reveal for S2. To be honest, for story this series more interesting than the original series.

  2. However episodes 48 and 49 turn out for Song Class, the party of four we’ve been following won’t be together much, since we now know the results from Theatre Class, and Mahiru will end up in S4 for Beauty Class next school year whether or not she beats Yozora. But whether neither Yume or Laura makes it into S4, or one of them does, things are going to be very different even before new characters and plot complications are introduced after ep 50.

    (I think this post is spoiler free….)

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