Aikatsu Stars! – 026

Me during free days of gym class

Me during free days of gym class

Lily’s back! Welcome to the second half of Aikatsu Stars, with a new OP and ED to boot. I really like them, and I think the OP director’s certain tendencies (perhaps embodied by the above girl’s name) will be obvious. I forgot last week to mention that KirakiLine is the next version of KiraKiratter, and of course is based on Line, a chat program primarily for phones and often used in Japan. There’s also a certain Fist of the North Star reference, or at least that’s the most well-known use of the line. I haven’t quite gotten around to reading or watching it yet myself, unfortunately.

Episode 026: Torrent | Magnet

Also, October 10th is Mezashite’s fourth anniversary. Thank you all for sticking with us!

8 thoughts on “Aikatsu Stars! – 026

  1. Woohoo, thank you! And Happy early 4th anniversary. I look forward to many more.

    I also really like the new op and ed songs, and with Lily’s guidance could we see Yume begin to blaze her own aikatsu path instead of just chasing after Hime’s shadow?

  2. Is it just me, or did the art quality drop a bit? I’m seeing a lot of necks in the OP that are too long, and the opening running scene looked like a bunch of bobbleheads to me ._.

    Well, thanks for the ep, anyway!

    • It’s not just you, I saw the same thing. The production company must have at least two teams doing the art, not even counting the CGI performances. It’s a bit annoying, but not much we can do about it.

      I think I see Yume having the same revelation that Akari went through (Original Star).

  3. Sobs the OP was a bit… eh. But the song’s nice. Also, where was M4 in the OP? //sobs i love my idol boys. Also, Subaru- go back to Yume where you belong cris

  4. Happy anniversary! I’ve somehow been here since the start and I love and appreciate all you do. Aikatsu has become a pretty important part of my life, and it never would have happened without you. I plan to stick with it for as long as you do.

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