Aikatsu Stars! – 024

So much fashion

So much fashion

The first off time episode for Aikatsu was also 24. Glad to see they’re sticking to tradition. Also, a big happy birthday to Ako-nyan!

Also, there’s a full batch for Aikatsu 1-178 out now. It’s just everything you already have packaged nicely together.

Episode 024: Torrent | Magnet

12 thoughts on “Aikatsu Stars! – 024

  1. Dat preview indeed, Is Koharu finally gonna have another episode? 😀 I hope that sexiness wasn’t just some joke thing and actually happens :3

    • Cruncyroll simulcast dreamfest in their stream site, so horibble sub will rip it obviously .. 🙂

  2. This episode was calming, relaxing, and fun, with tons of funny moments (mainly involving Mahiru) and a whole dollop of heartwarming to top it off. In other words, this episode was very Aikatsu.

    I’m curious as to when Yume and Laura got so close to Ako and Mahiru though. As far as I recall, we weren’t shown them ever getting so close, unless there was something in the movie about it…

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