Aikatsu on Parade! – 021

My own clone, now neither of us will be alone

Yes, it’s the first time Wakaba and Raki have spoken all series. It was a basically fun episode, with just one little heartwarming surprise. Next week’s the announcement, so we’ll see if subs can come out in time to match it.

Episode 021: Torrent | Magnet

6 thoughts on “Aikatsu on Parade! – 021

  1. So we pretty much know the announcement is a game that is coming which will most likely be on the switch and play station. Just gotta wonder if it will have English support as well.

  2. The animation has taken a nosedive lately? Not the drawings quality, but rather the amount of still frames.

    It looks like we’re getting to the final stretch, probably. I wonder how they are going to solve this whole situation. Will the worlds return separated again, once the sister’s experiment is done and Raki has learned… whatever it was that she needed to learn? It seems unnecessary, given how the merging of the worlds didn’t seem to have any ill effects.

    • Wasn’t feeling this whole “slideshow” to showcase the sports festival. That’s not how I remember all those sporting events from the original Aikatsu. I couldn’t even catch Wakaba fever this episode either because of how disappointed I was outside of the performances. That to go onto the other week’s squandered opportunity of a Valentine’s episode? Yikes!

      But concerns aside, I still like the series and really love the stage performances. Rin’s song was groovy and Madoka was rather elegant!

    • It strikes me as odd that no one got ruffled or panicked when their world suddenly merged with two other alternate dimensions. It is even more strange that no government authority has been shown trying to seek out the cause and catalyst (which are Raki and Saya respectively) and bring them in to engineer an solution. Even at the LMT hosted party, the topic was brushed aside in favor of capitalizing on the sudden influx of new idols from other worlds in order to organize a new festival. Talk about priorities, eh?

      But then again, considering the fact that Karen is only a UN goodwill ambassador and by extension an government appointed representative, she probably only had enough authority to negotiate with the other elite idols hailing from the alternate dimensions regarding Aikatsu-related matters, while the real work and responsibility laid with the Friends version of the United Nations, whose task is to deal with its Ogkatsu and Stars counterparts on that subject itself.

      • Raki: sis! It’s terrible! When you merged the worlds, the populations in various countries merged too, and the overcrowding resulted in many countries getting into civil wars! Millions are dead!
        Saaya: there was no choice. In order to become a great idol, you needed to interact with other great idols. It was unavoidable.
        Pure Palette: hey, we are great idols too.
        Honey Cat: yeah, she could have just interacted with us.
        Love Me Tear: we would have been there for her.
        Saaya: ehmm.. it was unavoidable!

        • haha wow! This season is really beginning to make less and less sense for me having read this whole chain of replies. I appreciate the insight!

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