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The Shining Line continues!

I was definitely waiting until the right time between series to release this, not just being too lazy to sub a 10-line 45-second PV. This is just Youtube quality, feel free to reupload it if you have a better rip. I really only did it for posterity. Also, scroll down now if you want to see the Behind the Subs panel, I finally put it up.

Baton Pass: Torrent | Magnet

7 thoughts on “Aikatsu Friends! – Baton Pass

  1. I’m subscribed to get updates when you post new releases, so I was surprised and excited to see you post a video about Friends (which I didn’t expect to see anything about until episode 1 subs are released). I usually don’t look at the pictures or read the writing if I can help it before I view episodes, but this time I read what you wrote before downloading and watching. I didn’t look at the picture, so I was surprised to see the back of Ichigo’s head when the video started .

    It was interesting to see a little of Aine’s (pink/orange’s hair’s) personality. Given how extreme her personality was I was surprised we didn’t get a similar level of reveal of on Mio’s personality. Guess that will come in episode #1. Looking forward to it.

  2. I have return! Last January or maybe february I discovered that Aikatsu will have its third title (friends). So I am happy to announce that I’ll be downloading episode week by week. I didn’t do it with stars because basically I didn’t want. But actually I am watching Stars. I am in episode 50 something. I really like Aikatsu, so I’ll continue watching until it end.

  3. Having watched episode 1 of Aikatsu Friends raw (and with a minimal, at best, mental translation ability) I am already in love! You and your team are doing amazing work! Way to keep your Fankatsu strong, and your Subkatsu too!

  4. Can I use your scripts to be reuploaded and translated to different languages? If I could, I’d like to sub Aikatsu Friends in my local language.

    • It may be difficult given the way we translate, but if you want to use it go ahead. We’d prefer if you also gave us credit too.

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