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  1. I’ve never been sold on the Shirayuri sisters and hated them in some episodes, plus don’t like any of their songs, so I was surprised by how much I liked this episode and how it kept me smiling and satisfied all the way through. Once I saw the script credited to one of the original Aikatsu writers, it made a lot more sense.

    This is that extra layer of depth I’ve been missing and longing for throughout Friends. I liked the last two episodes as well, but anyone who reads these knows I criticised them for being too focused on comedy rather than serious content. Funnily enough, this is a plot point within the episode itself when Coco mentions how people are calling them comedians and not idols; that they’re being too forceful with the moon idol act. It mirrors my criticisms of the episodes I feel could be improved and not the ones I outright dislike. I’ve probably also mentioned before how I feel the ‘moon idol’ shtick is annoying, so seeing the Sisters rethink their stance on that within the episode was a very nice change of pace.

    We’re too far into Friends now for my opinion on it to ever be changed, though it is nice to have the odd episode that really strikes a chord with me. It just makes me wish the entire show was handled more along the same lines.

    • Hey, but Yurika had her whole vampire character well developed and was never forceful or ridiculous. So, you think her character was ridiculous and annoying too?

      • Yes, actually. I didn’t dislike her nearly as much since her role felt less serious than the Shirayuris in Friends, but it did annoy me a lot, especially earlier on. She’s probably my least favourite idol character of the entire original Aikatsu cast.

        I personally think Lilienne is a better character than the three combined.

      • Looks like I misread your comment. Basically what I’m saying is that I feel Yurika was handled much better, but I don’t think she’s perfect, either. I think her and Otome really started to shine/be fleshed out once we got into Akari Generation.

    • If you ask me, something about the way this episode was written made it feel like a deconstruction of some sort regarding the chunnibyou archetype that both Yurika and the Shirayuri twins are stellar examples of, although I could be mistaken.

  2. I Can’t Believe My Aikatsu Is Going Isekai Next Week (light novel vol. 1 of 52)

    And I used to believe that Sakuya and Kaguya owned that big mansion they seem to live in, but now I’m starting to wonder if perhaps they didn’t simply rent the attic.

    • Hah. One of the funniest things in the show is the two of them living in an extravagant mansion alone with a butler, no reason or context ever given for it. It’s most likely a writing oversight, but it almost becomes funnier the longer it goes unaddressed. Who are these two moongirls, and how do they have so much influence and power?

      Still, I hope the writing staff either commits to them being from an utterly ridiculous, all-powerful family of billionaires (like Momoka in Keroro) or have some episodes explaining or involving the story of their family.

      • Literally every idol in Aikatsu is rich and unexplained. Poor girls can’t be idols (or socialism has given everyone money). Don’t pick on Sakuya and Kaguya just because you don’t like them for this.

        • One mom owns a bento shop. One dad is a geologist. One family has a café with a penguin on staff. One family has a café next to above bento shop. Then there’s the family pastry shop….

  3. Don’t think I’m looking forward to next week episode every time I hear coco voice it reminds me that Ichigo is no longer here.

  4. Aikatsu seems to exist in a post-scarcity economy. Money is never even mentioned. Live tickets are limited and run out immediately, but money itself doesn’t seem to be a concern. Given that there are also AIs and holograms and stuff, maybe Aikatsu takes place on Earth in the Star Trek TNG universe. Maybe there are Klingons out there and people just don’t know any better.

    It gets worse though. Not all idols get a look at their family life (see Ema), but whenever it comes to an idol’s house, we also see their families eventually. But with the moon girls, we never do.

    The only explanation is that KaguSaku are orphans, the big mansion they live in has been inherited from their parents, and Hariu was either the family butler or the eccentric uncle, who’s been officially tasked with managing the twins’ estate and taking care of them until they are adults.

    At times, Aikatsu dwelves into some dark territory.

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