Aikatsu Friends! – 044

Choose your boi

Happy Valentine’s Day! Gosh, what a totally novel and strange thing for boys to confess for the holiday instead of the girls doing it. Maybe if Mio had asked me back in high school, I could’ve told her earlier… although she would’ve been a toddler at the time. Maybe these things just go in cycles.

Episode 044: Torrent | Magnet

13 thoughts on “Aikatsu Friends! – 044

  1. I loved watching our girls interact with the boiz. I think there is a lot of potential in their relationships, would love to see at least one couple go cannon.

  2. A nice, solid episode. I’d probably put it on par with the likes of 36, which was the last episode storyboarded by Andou before this one. His stuff tends to have a nice, relaxing feel to it, and it’s always nice seeing him back for the odd episode. I’m just not as invested in Aikatsu Friends as I am his Kemono Friends 2.

    I don’t think I liked this quite as much as 34, but it’s nice to see Yoshimi Narita back doing her thing. This episode was pretty nicely structured and I appreciate the thought put into rounding out the tertiary male characters who usually feel weirdly tacked on. It also managed to interest me to a point where I forget there was a stage coming and then surprised me with it, which hasn’t happened too much for me in Friends. No complaints.

    It wasn’t adventurous enough to stand out that much to me, but it still managed to be a fun one-off Valentine’s Day episode and a firstish-rate Friends episode.

  3. So I got destroyed (rejected) for the third year in a row on Valentine’s. Maybe I should switch over from handing out roses and flower basket arrangements to chocolates or something similar to Macarons. But nonsense aside, this episode may just be my favorite to date from Friends. Mio’s charming expressions, especially after the last confession scene in the commercial, were just too much! The other ladies did their thing too, so thumbs up for that as well.

    And because I never got the chance to say this, big up to the Mezashite staff and all you fans of this wonderful anime! The world is certainly a better place with Aikatsu in it.

  4. I love how Mio, despite having three handsome young men to choose from, still chooses to go for the big pimping penguin.

    Dat Penne sure knows how steal an lady’s heart for sure.

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