Aikatsu Friends! – 022

Wow, the surface of the moon is beautiful

Happy 300th episode of Aikatsu! Let’s celebrate by not knowing how moon phases work! But for real, I very much enjoyed this, and we’ve officially reached our 8 idol count to match the original series. But then, what could the seiyuu auditions be for…? One way or another, I’m sure a divination of our future looks bright. And also, we haven’t forgotten about Nana-chan. Our translator was just off enjoying the 5th Anniversary Fest in Japan, but we’ll get to them soon.

Episode 022: Torrent | Magnet

12 thoughts on “Aikatsu Friends! – 022

  1. Yay I’ve been looking forward to this episode!!! I wish i would have been able to make aikatsu fest this year, but I did pre-order the blurays and I’m very excited c: thanks as always

  2. I can’t understand if Mio keeps asking for divinations about her and Aine’s compatibility because she just likes it for fun, or if she’s genuinely insecure about their relationship. After the SH Cup victory, you’d think she would have settled down by now.

  3. Think of it from Mio’s perspective. She’s supposedly never had a friend. Either it never dawned on her or maybe she didn’t actually feel capable of making friends. A person who has been alone for a long period of time will get the “too good to be true” thought like kyodoka said. They’re scared they’ll lose the one true friend they have. This can lead to paranoia, anxiety and insecurity. We saw in episode 11 she was terrified of losing Aine. She’s probably asking to ease her mind of her own anxiety, despite Aine not being the type to just ditch her and leave her by herself again.

    • Quite right. Which is why hopefully she’ll learn from Aine to make even more friends. Not likely they’ll ALL ditch you then. 🙂

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