11 thoughts on “Aikatsu Friends! – 021

  1. So boys can’t enroll, yet Tamaki wants Kazune to become an idol. Probably trying to make extra money on the side.

    … actually, we don’t even know anything about Tamaki. How old is she? Did she use to be an idol, or did she take the producer course at DreaAca? Since we got Chiharu’s backstory, I kinda expect that the other two staff members will eventually get some of their own.

    • Kazune is either high school or college age, and we only know for sure that Star Harmony has middle-school level classes. Maybe Tamaki’s got four more guys his age waiting in the wings to be the next ARASHI?

  2. This episode was SO GOOD. Just an all around celebration of how far we’ve come these past 20 episodes. Aikatsu Friends Forever!!

  3. This felt rushed as hell, three or four different episodes in one with no thematic or unifying connection, but Satomi’s new character designs are good

    • Let’s just call it “a densely packed episode”, by aifure standards at least~
      Also why, the connection is quite simple – it’s the summer camp, exactly the thing that connects people! And lays some ground for future developments, of course.
      ^Also also, yep, Mio’s mom is p damn hot, lol. And i nearly forgot that she exists since you know it was just Aine’s mom being shown mostly and boom finally at 21 ep we see this very charming lady and i was like “damn why she’s not this school’s designer?” or smth.
      And Tamaki-san, am i imagining things or you’re like seriously hittin on Aine’s bro? Like she said that he’s hot aloud and then literally went “hey handsome let’s netflix and- err i mean come to my place for some atsui aidoru katsudou, iykwim” which was a tad hilarious (or at least i haven’t seen this before in katsus)

      • Hey, we’ll never get any actual couples from any of the main characters in Aikatsu (and really the Friends unit are the closest we’ll ever see), but minor characters are fair game.

        Doesn’t make it any less weird though. Especially because by the second time it looks like she goes full stalker.

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