Aikatsu Friends! – 005

I get distracted by butterflies too

Maika descends! I’ll take this opportunity for the most basic rundown of her name, which I feel like I haven’t done in a long time. 蝶野 舞花, just to give the important meanings, contains the kanji for butterfly, dance, and flower. Hope that helps explain the episode title and all her butterfly motifs. Although it was great getting so much Maika this ep, I feel like they went a tiny bit overboard with characterization. Like one or two points could’ve easily been left for a future episode (especially one near the end), but overall it was still fun. And there are even more hints of a rather interesting development that may be coming; the only question is when it’ll hit.

Episode 005: Torrent | Magnet

5 thoughts on “Aikatsu Friends! – 005

  1. Will we ever get a name rundown for Aine she’s the only protagonist missing and Mio I guess, as always thanks for the episode

  2. My thought on Ema’s appearance in the end of this episode:


  3. Spoiler Alert:

    An real-life American figure makes an cameo appearance in this episode.

    No prizes for guessing who however.

  4. Great episode! Also, what are your thoughts on the “Radikatsu Friends” interviews(?) they do? I’ve found them to be quite entertaining!

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