Aikatsu! – 99

Ichigo looks extremely comfy

Ichigo looks extremely comfy

Now this is a climax. Real (spoiler) image and talk after the break.

Episode 99: Torrent | Magnet | Nyaa

One of the best composed shots in a live ever

One of the best composed shots in a live ever

It just goes to show you that Sunrise knows exactly what they’re doing. As for observations, you can see it clearly here, but WM has a max excitement meter for the entire show from the instant they step on (last episode 2wingS started with about 90%). I only noticed when I went back to episode 75, but the dance they do for Precious is actually identical to the solo one Mizuki did. If you look at the camerawork and her choreography back then, you’ll notice a few points where there should obviously be a second person. That’s not to even mention the fact that they used the second half of the song here, necessitating another translation, and a new light is shed on the lyrics themselves.

I’d like to present a fact and an opinion here about Mikuru’s “Onee-sans” line. The fact is that she’s referring to other people, not herself. The opinion is that she’s talking about Masquerade. She refers to the 2wingS girls as “Senpai”, which is used in an experience sense. “Onee-san” and the like is strictly for those older than yourself. Moreover, it follows that Mizuki and therefore Mikuru know that the Gemini dress idea was from Masquerade, and the only way for Mizuki to surpass them is to directly face off against them. Barring Miya and Hime returning for a second time, this is the closest she’s got to a competition.

Also, there may apparently be two more episodes? That would mean that we actually get a full on epilogue, and likely a lead-in to the new series with Akari. We’ll see how it unfolds.

Oh yeah, and Mizuki was the flower. Damn deceiving titles.

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  1. Thanks for the episode. And yeah episode 102 is the first episode of season 3. Episode 101 is apparently about Akari refusing to perform at some ceremony for Starlight.

  2. This was a good episode, thank you as always for the good work!

    Not to question per se, but I can’t say I’ve ever seen 夢 translated as ‘future’…

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