Aikatsu! – 124

Aurora Rising!

Aurora Rising!

Mr. Ducky’s name, if localized, would be Quacky-tan. “Cleansing” is ridding yourself of unneeded worldly possessions to purify your body and soul. Just pretend like I’m writing as much as usual here.

Oh yeah, and Happy Birthday, Ichigo!

Episode 124: Torrent

8 thoughts on “Aikatsu! – 124

  1. Bugs me that certain people didn’t enter. [spoiler] It seemed like it was pretty much a foregone conclusion who would win. I don’t understand why no one at the high school level apparently competed. Since Mizuki was it three times why couldn’t some of the highschoolers competed? Ichigo was driven at one point to achieve every thing she could in the Idol world, but it seems she wasn’t interested in competing for the Queen spot. I could see how she might not want to stop rooming with Aoi, but that is the only reason I could think why she wouldn’t compete. The position seems to co-inside with the loner type characters. On that note I could see the mansion (and popularity to get the position) fitting Yurika Todo, but like Ichigo it seems she didn’t even compete. I never expected Akari and her group to contend (since they lack experience compared to the vetran idols), but it would have a bit more suspenseful if they’d at least made it look like a possible outcome.[/spoiler]

    Ok…done ranting… overall still not a bad episode (far better than the male intrusive episodes like 123)…

    • I didn’t see the episode yet but the wiki says Staright Queenn Cup is for Middle School division only (e.g. in S1’s end only the most popular 8 idols could compete and coincidentally it was Ichigo and others. There was nobody from High School division and we didn’t even get a real evidence of there being high school division until mid-S2)

    • I don’t remember where or if it’s true but I heard that only Middle Schoolers were allowed to enter. Ichigo and Yurika are high schoolers so assuming that’s true then the reason they didn’t enter is because they aren’t allowed to.

    • Regardless of what it used to be, Orihime said “It is open to all of [and only] the middle school idols.” The high school might have its own version or something.

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