Aikatsu! – 121

How I missed you, original Yamato nadeshiko

How I missed you, original Yamato nadeshiko

Goodbye, Miyabi-chan. You were cool and cute. Also, I hope you’ll recognize this song when it plays, which is what I believe inspired me to start learning how to kfx in the first place. This episode was everything that Aikatsu should be, and next week looks even better.

Episode 121: Torrent

9 thoughts on “Aikatsu! – 121

  1. Great episode! I finally got the Sakura-Miyabi joint performance I’ve been waiting for and it was totally worth it. All season I’ve been hoping to see more of Sakura, I was hoping she’d fill more of a mentor role for the younger girls, so this and episode 119 were welcome indeed (and I’m holding out hope that she’ll get more screen time in the future, especially if she does become the next Starlight Queen).

    I’m also looking forward to next week – another Sumire episode! It’s like the creators are spoiling me now.

    Thank you as always for your wonderful work, I appreciate all the care you put into each release!

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