Gokukoku no Brynhildr – 12

It was very schwierig to finden a release image ohne spoilers für diese Episode.

It was very schwierig to finden a release image ohne spoilers für diese Episode.

Man, I wish we’d capitalized more words earlier in the show.

Hexenjagd means witch hunt, Ain Soph Aur is some tree of life bullshit, and Initializer is English for “initializer”.

Hexenjagd is also the German title of The Crucible (way to be kreativ, Germans), which is a terrible play (though maybe I only feel that way because they forced us to read it in school, and it’s a damn play, so why are we reading it).

Episode 12: Torrent | Magnet

8 thoughts on “Gokukoku no Brynhildr – 12

    • The one of us who knows German wasn’t the one who was like “Dude let’s pick this up”, but the one who said “Dude let’s pick this up” did so because of the German in the show.

      • That’s incredibly lucky/random that one of you happened to just know German. Is Akatsukin a biochemist or something? How did he go on that huge rant about proteases?

  1. When Ichijiku was talking to Kotori about the Grani having Rena’s soul, the dialogue is mistakenly given as “It suppose it isn’t”, which doesn’t make any sense. You might want to look into that. That aside, another fine release!

    • “By all means, Rena’s soul should be inside that Grani. But I suppose it isn’t. Thus, I will plant the Grani in a new host.”

      Aside from us substituting “soul” for “consciousness”, it sounds right to me. Rena is [apparently] not in that Grani, so he’s transferring it to a new person.

      EDIT: I’m impressed I misread it every time. I was under the impression that you meant his response was wrong, not that it had a typo.

      • No problem! It’s just that seeing typos in an otherwise fine release makes me itch in an undefinable way 🙂 I can’t rest until I notify the group subbing the anime. So anyway, keep up the good work guys!!

  2. I was just curious if you guys still had any plans to do a Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge batch? If not, could someone please seed some of the episodes? I’ve been trying to get the series downloaded, but the episodes are barely moving. Thank you very much.


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