Gokukoku no Brynhildr – 09

You know, a calendar that displays two months at once is a pretty good idea.

You know, a calendar that displays two months at once is a pretty good idea.

For most of the time I spent working on this episode, I thought it was episode 08. Oops. Episode 09 means there are only four left after this one!

(Also, what does “gradation” mean in relation to breasts?)

Episode 09: Torrent

Oh, and because Akatsukin complained:


9 thoughts on “Gokukoku no Brynhildr – 09

  1. Thanks a lot for your work on this show.
    Overall I’m dissapointed with this show. After watching Elfen Lied anime and manga several times I can’t believe the quality of this show. Is the manga also that bad or is it just a crappy anime adaption?
    The story itself has potential I think.
    Thanks anyway. I still enjoy watching your releases 😉

    • If you don’t like the anime, you might try reading the manga. I was reading it before the anime was produced and thoroughly enjoyed it. I was looking forward to the anime, but I think it’s production is lacking sincerity. Some of the scenes have been altered or truncated, which modifies the pacing.

      However, if you give the manga a try and don’t like it either, it might be a preferences thing. I’m a sucker for literature and television that dabbles in sci-fi, conspiracy, and dark themes, especially if there is a clever protagonist and/or novel story premise I’ve never encountered before.

    • The anime is cutting out a lot of scenes in the manga, and even changing how some events happened, so it’d probably be a bit better if those elements were back in there. Without them, the story is simpler, and misses on a lot of key parts, especially when they cut out some scenes where Ryota gets more and more information leading him to beleive Neko is Kuroneko. That’s a pretty major part of the whole story. I realize they’re doing it to fit everything in a limited number of episodes, but it’s too bad they don’t just make shows the number of episodes they need to be for everything in teh original story to fit. Otherwise, they’re doing pretty well scene-for-scene with almost everything else.

  2. The “gradation” being referred to is from the skin color to the areola and the nipple – how the skin tone transitions into pink/brown/etc.

    Thanks for the subs.

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