Gokukoku no Brynhildr – 08

I hope none of you know German. (pic unrelated)

I hope none of you know German. (pic unrelated)

I’m enjoying all the screentime Kazumi’s getting, but it just makes me feel like she’s about to be majorly sidelined. Well, at least she’ll be needed for her Dutch oversetting.

Oh yeah, speaking of Dutch, I almost bought a DFB jersey (uh, “kit”?) yesterday. Then I didn’t. And I think there was something I wanted to TL-note, but I forgot what it was. I’ll letcha all know if I remember.

Episode 08: Torrent

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  1. Just wanted to let you know that Dutch ≠ Deutsch. Deutsch is german for german language, Dutch is the language of the Netherlands and the name of its inhabitants. Inhabitants of germany are Deutsche/Deutscher (f/m)

  2. Thanks for the release.
    Wanted to say though that Dutch≠Deutsch. Deutsch is german for german language.
    Deutsche/Deutscher (f/m) is what you call the inhabitants of germany. Dutch is the language of the Netherlands, but also the name of its inhabitants. Dutch is the english word for Nederlands/Niederlandisch/Neerlandais (dutch/german/french).

    • One of my many faults is that I like to go into calque mode sometimes, where I use German, but in English. Like, instead of saying “Ich will meine Eltern helfen”, I’ll say “I will my elders help” even though that doesn’t make any sense in English. The only thing stopping me from annoying everyone all the time is that I don’t actually speak German.

      That’s also why I used “oversetting” (Deutsch: Übersetzung) instead of “translation”. Taken as a whole, I hoped “Dutch oversetting” set off enough alarm bells to let one know that it wasn’t Netherlands Dutch but Deutsch Dutch. In calque mode, I refer to the language of the Netherlands as “Netherlandish” and its inhabitants as “Netherlanders”.

      • interesting mode 🙂 Does remind me that when I am speaking dutch I tend to use a lot of english words, because they come to me quicker than the dutch ones (even though I am dutch…). My german is also quite good, but my japanese isnt unfortunately.
        sorry for the double post btw, it seemed to me as if the first one was never posted.

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