Aikatsu on Parade! Web Anime – 04

She can’t hear you through the screen, you know

This was a story about the big picture, about each of the five idol schools, but it was also a story about the little picture, and how significant a relationship between two people can be. How one touching and meaningful realization can change how you think about the world. Even if you’re from different times and places, you can still join hands and make a change. The next episode will be airing July 11.

Episode 04: Torrent | Magnet

8 thoughts on “Aikatsu on Parade! Web Anime – 04

  1. lmao way to screw Yume over I must of been watching a version of Aikatsu! Stars where Yume was not the MC of it.

  2. Noelle is lucky that she has the power of MC status and plot armor privileges that come along with it, otherwise she wouldn’t even last one second against the combined might of…’deep breaths’ the current Starlight Queen and her direct rival, one ex-S4 member who is still widely considered to be among the best that called themselves by that label, one ex Diamond Friend whose legendary status is definitely not meant to be disputed by all means, and last but not least the top Neo Venus Ark student outside of Elza Forte herself, and a well established model at that.

    Yet the show is telling me that Noelle, a rookie idol who only made her debut just a few weeks prior and only has had two performances under her belt is supposed to take on the combined might of her vastly experienced competition and beat them all. Yeah, sorry I love Noelle a lot but suspension of disbelief is in full effect here.

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