Aikatsu on Parade! – 024

Look at how perfect all these pairs are

What a fun look to the past and future this was. On top of all the Aikatsu feeling good, I felt a deep connection with a certain part of the episode, similar to an experience I’ve had that changed my life and my dream. You can feel that everyone involved with making this is still looking far ahead. Next week, it seems like there will be both the regular episode and the new web series—I’m still not sure exactly how it will work, but as always, both will be released on time. See you there.

Oh, and I’m safely back in America. Fun times ahead. Don’t forget about Aikatsu.

Episode 024: Torrent | Magnet

10 thoughts on “Aikatsu on Parade! – 024

  1. Aikatsukin,

    Did you come back of your own volition, or did you’re reason for being there get canceled because of the virus outbreak? How were things (way of life, society, customs, Aikatsu, etc) in Japan compared to where ever you reside in the US?

    …off to watch episode 24 of Aikatsu Stars now…

  2. A bit late for Wakaba to have second thoughts about staying forever alone. Well, next week we’ll see if they even get to stay in the same world, or if Raki will be abducted by Tiara and forced to become her sla… student.

    • Dream Story indicates that the worlds will remain merged for now, given that all the five idol academies are being involved in one huge competition. Also poor Wakaba will probably have to settle for some random nobody unless Kozue changes her mind, which won’t be happening anytime soon.

  3. The last two episodes were hype inducers for me, and then this one just gives me a fluffy and comfy feeling. Just puts a smile on my face, especially after everything that’s been happening around in the world right now. Kinda getting melancholic as we approach the end here though. Remember to stay safe and Aikatsu!.

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