Aikatsu on Parade! – 014

It’s Nina, yade!

This episode is so pop! And it even starts with a super old reference that I was hoping for! I couldn’t possibly be in a better place to sub her triumphant return, and I even relearned some things about her that had slipped my mind over the years. But not to be outdone, the contents of the episode itself were so much fun that every bit was enjoyable. Now this is the right way to start off a new year.

Episode 014: Torrent | Magnet

5 thoughts on “Aikatsu on Parade! – 014

  1. The headmaster must be crying, they went from the greatest S4 to an okay S4 to freakin’ Haruka Ruka. I blame that afro teacher for not being charismatic enough to attract more students to his class. He should have at least tried to convince someone to switch.

  2. Oh my goooood, is that my Nina at long last? My darling daughter… Looking forward to this episode. Nina is my all time Aikatsu fave, tied right there with Otome.

    I’m going to get a good dose of happiness tonight~.

    • If anything, it’s impressive how Nina stole the show from her fellow pop type brethren, a feat made more herculean with the likes of Yuzu, Mikuru and Haruka. That expertise in comedy and showbiz really came in clutch for Nina there.

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