Aikatsu on Parade! – 009

What is Onee-chan plotting, and why does Venus Ark have the best uniforms?

This episode was deep, as deep as the sea, with plot, character motivation, and love for the series. Even as one door is opened, countless more mysteries sprout forth, longing for answers. Sure there was a lot to be excited about simply as a fan, but there was a lot to chew on as an overanalyzer of children’s anime as well. We have only just crossed the start line; here is where the real game begins.

Episode 009: Torrent | Magnet

7 thoughts on “Aikatsu on Parade! – 009

  1. lmao okay so yeah we will not get into the whole argument on the whole three worlds combining into one world and how it is not destroying the worlds by doing it XD

    The biggest problem is that the episodes need to be longer you can already see they are cutting so much out of a episode just to try and fit as much content as they can which is a shame.

    • Agreed. WM’s inclusion and setting up the plot twist of having all the worlds merge together cut quite a bit of screen time for the Neo Venus Ark characters (sans Elza); which is quite disappointing considering this episode was advertised as Venus Ark centric.

  2. Elza at the end of Stars: “from now on, Neo Venus Ark is open to everyone!”
    Elza in Parade: “Get off my ship, you worthless swine!”

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