5 thoughts on “Aikatsu Friends! – 073

  1. I know we’re wrapping things up, but it feel like they aren’t even trying with Wakaba anymore.

    Wakaba: I’m scared.
    Ema: there’s no need to be scared.
    Wakaba: I’m not scared anymore! Thanks!

    But it’s fine because we got to see her play Samba De Amigo.

  2. Oof, I see that Wakaba, Honey Cat and Reflect Moon all got put into the pre-fest category aka the ‘irrelevant camp’, given that the former has no Friend partner of her own and the latter two were denied jewel dresses due to the higher ups jumping the shark for Aikatsu isekai crossovers.

    Still, it’s strange that both Honey Cat and Reflect Moon have shown no signs of resentment for not getting any jewels of their own while everyone else has one. You would think the writers would at least add a scene where they got depressed over that fact before trying to pick themselves up, but I guess plotholes will always be plotholes.

    • I’m sure they will pull a Stars and everyone will get their jewel dresses during the credits. Including all the minor idols who appeared in S1 and were forgotten in S2. And maybe Aine’s sister too.

  3. Since I’m tired of reading negative comments, I’m just gonna say thank you to both Mezashite and Aikatsu for giving us a wonderful time every week.

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