Aikatsu Friends! – 054

If you look closely at the new CG, you’ll notice that one part of her is mature now…

Whoa, Chiba Misuzu is finally back to write this great Aine/Wakaba/Hibiki episode! Even with all the embarrassment it teaches an enduring lesson that even adults would do well to remember. And while this week was great, next episode is something I’ve been looking forward to for well over a year… what could it possibly be?

Episode 054: Torrent | Magnet

11 thoughts on “Aikatsu Friends! – 054

  1. HOLY HECK WAKABA IS NEW BEST GIRL!!! Squiggly-Mouth girls are the best… WAKABA IS THE BEST!!! (that and her name sounds slightly stupid which is totally my aesthetic). And she got that Yabba-Dabba hair, too?! And an odd cadence, too!?! AND THREE SYLLABLES THAT END WITH THE LETTER A, TOO?!?!

    Seeing that Wakaba is my new Aikatsu obsession (sorry Kaguya), I decided to check her seiyuu stats for which there are none. Then I found this page and apparently her seiyuu (not to be confused with popular phrase “Say’s you!”) is 16?! What the hell?!? And then I read the comments on said page and felt really old! And everyone here currently over 21 reading said comments will likely feel old, too! But then in this episode Hibiki said “Labels like mature or childish are nonsense” so I guess it’s okay to watch Aikatsu for a few more decades, tee hee~ (´つ^ω^⊂)

  2. I expected Wakaba to be like Aria. She kinda is, but she’s much more like Akari.

    And she also has two layers of hair, which should be considered a fashion crime in several countries.

  3. Okay I wanted to reply to my own comment earlier today but it disappeared and probably got marked as spam (weird, I know). For the time being I’ll paste my reply into its own comment and you can just read the first comment whenever it decides to appear:

    (cont) As a side note, Oh MAN what I wouldn’t give to be that bubble!! And HOLY CRAP AINE WENT UP LIKE 50 POINTS THIS EPISODE!! It’s a shame they won’t replace her entire character with Eroine, who totally looks like a bully and is also coincidentally my aesthetic. Why, I’d be inclined to ask her to give me a wedgie! Even if I didn’t wipe properly~


    Wah! Gomen! (#WOMP)

    Oh, keep up the great sub-work, fam! We’re all rooting for your happiness (◍˘ω˘◍)

  4. haha mature Aine is just too much! Top-quality entertainment with all those poses and facial expressions. Thumbs up for Wakaba as well!

    And yes, as an “adult” I can confirm what Akatsukin touched upon to be absolutely true regarding that lesson.

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