Aikatsu Friends! – 052

My color that can’t be erased

And this week, physics lessons. On top of Mio’s struggling, I really liked everything shown about Hibiki too, really connecting her and Alicia into the web of everyone else’s relationships. There are more parallels and mirrors than I’d expect from an injection of newness, which I really appreciate. Also, this week will probably also be a bit late due to reasons. By the way, if you’re going to Sakuracon be sure to go represent Aikatsu fans to Morihoshi Sumire. She’s there for Neverland and I can’t go, but if you are make sure not to miss out. (Addition:) Katou Youichi will also be at Anime Boston! He’s the writer of all of OGkatsu! And I won’t be going to that either…

Episode 052: Torrent | Magnet

7 thoughts on “Aikatsu Friends! – 052

  1. So if we Aikatsu becomes Spacekatsu will we become a Crossover with Star Twinkle, I would be fucking hyped for this xDD

    Btw thanks for another Episode o/

  2. Uh, so it turns out that Karen and Mirai had received some false information about their rivals?

    Either that, or Alicia made up that excuse because she didn’t want to tell people about whatever problem befell her country.

    • I originally thought this to be a plothole given that LMT in S1 were absolutely certain that their Love Me Zone caused Alicia and Hibiki to give up on Aikatsu.

      But after getting a glimpse of Hibiki’s perspective, it would seem that maybe LMT totally misunderstood the whole situation after all, and it seems that Mirai was informed by Hibiki herself of the actual reason, if one were to glean from their interaction from the previous episode.

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