Aikatsu Friends! – 050

Let the bells toll

A wonderful ending to a wonderful new season. As with all endings, this marks the start of a new beginning as well. Do you have people you consider true friends? Do you also think that real fights can only happen between people who care about one another? Let us all consider it as we watch the development of this pure friendship between two girls.

Episode 050: Torrent | Magnet

14 thoughts on “Aikatsu Friends! – 050

  1. Thanks for continuing to cover Aikatsu! for all these years. Are you going to start the numbering over for season two (As well as include the subtitle.) because it has a subtitle this time or are you going to continue the numbering as it is now?

  2. A very nice episode to wrap up this stage and set up the next. As always, my sincere gratitude for the passionate effort you put into your subs that enable a wider audience to Aikatsu.

    Completely random, but I must say I like how the high school uniform and middle school uniform share design elements (I admit, at first I wasn’t even sure they’d changed. I seriously thought to myself ‘if they’re in high school now shouldn’t they have changed uniforms’. I only really noticed after going back and taking a closer look).

    It’s almost not even worth mentioning, but at 24:13 – “What about to start?” – per missing an ‘is’ in there (or at least a contracted form)?

    • And of course I’d have a typo in the statement pointing out a typo… I meant to write “perhaps,” not just “per.”

  3. So that’s a wrap for the moment, I guess. Somewhat anticlimatic as a final episode, but the epilogue served to make me interested in the next arc. I wonder if Elza 2 is actually a real alien. Would make for a nice twist.

    I’ve been of two minds about Friends S1. On one hand, the return to a lighter tone and its lack of overworked drama was welcome at first (remember Stars S1 and its melodramatic “mysterious power” arc?). On the other hand, the almost complete lack of conflict made it hard to engage sometimes, as some drama can help you care if done well enough (say Bon Voyage). Once stuff got serious in Stars S2, I was more hyped for each episode – even if I knew that everything was gonna be solved at the end, I still wanted to see it happen.

    Friends simply felt like it never had any ambition. Also, as a general rule, it’s usually not a good thing when the minor characters are more interesting than the main ones – though there can be exceptions.

    Namco, let’s try to have more NaNiKoRe in the next season, alright?

  4. So, the last time the Love Me Zone was released, one of the victims was so affected, she pulled herself up and beat Ichigo into Aikatsuing in Space…

    That’s a Love Me Tear Legend all by itself.

  5. Thank you for this year, Aikatsu Friends!. Thank you for this year, Mezashite.
    Can’t wait for the new beginning.

  6. I love how you color-coded the insert song’s lyrics. Now that all four idols of each type are together, I think it means that this may be the Season 1 finale, but it’s the series’ climax.

  7. Let’s all pray for the new season to be better…
    Compare to others aikatsu series, this was pretty weak and bland. (beside the diamond cup)

  8. As probably the only person in the world who seemed to enjoy this season, I am certainly looking forward to season 2.

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