Aikatsu Friends! – 020

Secret best face of the episode

I felt that with this episode, I’ve finally uncovered exactly what the secret behind Honey Cat is. Exactly what is so opposite in Maika and Ema, that when one is lacking, the other is abundant. Maybe you’ll find something different than me, and we’ll all see them in a unique way. In any case, I think this will probably end the false dichotomy thing that’s been going on, and we can move into new waters again next week.

Episode 020: Torrent | Magnet

8 thoughts on “Aikatsu Friends! – 020

  1. I’m getting nostalgic about Slam Dunk now.

    Much as I like Honey Cat, I feel like their episodes have been all a bit too similar, especially because, unlike Pure Palette, they rarely interact with other characters. They should have them open up their horizons a bit more.

  2. My favorite episode and stage yet! I finally figured out Honey Cat’s deal and am endeared to Ema and Maika, and Ema’s performance absolutely blew me away… hope the performances after this episode can remain the same quality or get even better!

  3. >Exactly what is so opposite in Maika and Ema, that when one is lacking, the other is abundant.

    took you long enough 😛 (just kidding) this was implied in their first episode as a unit IMO–10?–but that point definitely needed to be driven home

    • But, are you really thinking the same thing as me? Certainly there are lots of things, but one in particular is rather unique.

  4. What is so opposite in Maika and Ema is that Ema is full of confidence when it comes to doing things by herself, but doubts when what she has to do affects others; meanwhile, Maika lacks confidence when she has to do lots of things by herself, but doesn’t hesitate to help others accomplish their goals and keep their spirits up. Together, they can work at the individual and group level simoulaneously and with a strong presence of mind. Really cool dynamic.

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