Aikatsu Friends! – 013

Shot through the heart, and she’s to blame

This may have been one of the most love-filled episodes of Aikatsu to date. All of last week has been incredibly difficult for me (just because of my work, not anything personal), but Karen and this episode embraced me with gentle wings and filled my heart with warmth. I am the audience at the end of this episode.

While this week was late because I was pretty much running an international academic conference, this next week will also be late because I’ll be at Anime Expo. If you’ll be there, maybe we’ll even meet! Just talk to anyone with Aikatsu goods on them and you’ll be sure to make a friend, even if it’s not me.

Episode 013: Torrent | Magnet

4 thoughts on “Aikatsu Friends! – 013

  1. thank you as always… i’m so sorry about how busy you’ve been lately (i had gotten that vibe from all the other stuff you’ve been doing lately too) ;;

    I’m really sorry I can’t see you at AX! I wish I could be there to give you a hug! Please have a wonderful time and make some nice memories while you’re there~

  2. Thanks!

    This was a really good episode! One little contrast that I’m really enjoying is that while Mio is really hung up on Love Me Tear, everything is fresh and new for Aine, so while she recognizes greatness when she sees it, she isn’t letting hero worship influence her and moving to her own pace. I’m very excited to see where this will end up taking them

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