Aikatsu! – 171

Too cute to hide

Too cute to hide

Whoa there be some crazy rumors floating around about what’s going to happen after this season of Aikatsu. Please be mindful of spoilers. Also, happy birthday to Madoka, as well as happy Valentine’s day.

Episode 171: Torrent | Magnet

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  1. Is it just me or was Rin’s singing voice different this episode? When you compare it to MY SHOW TIME! it sounds completely different, at least to me.

  2. Thanks again!

    So Rin and Madoka have now noticed glasses alone make lousy disguises. Someone needs to tell Akari and Hinaki that… and Sumire pulling her hair back didn’t accomplish much either. We knew right away who they were in that shot after the live, right? 😉

    • Given the popularity of all things Aikatsu in Japan, not just the anime, I doubt the writers will change things THAT drastically that Mezashite would give up on it. Just a guess though.

  3. Unless there’s something I’m missing, the rumours seem to be completely overblown. Aikatsu! Stars is the name of the real-life idol group, so it makes sense that it’s being trademarked.

    Western fans speculate about everything because they have no idea as to what they’re talking about. The show will go on.

    • We will find out more next week, as there are “big announcements” being made regarding Aikatsu.

      While I hope the rumors are overblown, I honestly believe them for the most part. The game system seems ancient compared to PriPara, so it would make sense for a series overhaul right now with an arcade game update. The rumor is that the scan system will change and not use barcodes anymore, and I would assume the 3D models will finally be updated to something more current.

      Also, a character designer tweeted about leaving Aikatsu for the new season this April. It seems pretty clear that the series will have a Pretty Rhythm-esque reboot. Whether that means all old characters and brands are gone or not, I don’t know, but I think it is more than just them trademarking the name of the real life idol group (which I am sure has already been trademarked in relation to the real life singers. There is no way they would have existed for 2~ years without it?).

      The show continuing isn’t up for debate, it is just about whether it will continue to be a direct sequel or a new edition to the franchise entirely.

      • Also, the game lately has /felt/ final, or like a change has been coming. The second cycle of 2016 (nidan) allowed you to play as any idol in the game, when normally you need to use tickets earned from gameplay and using idolook to use most (older) idols. Not only did that continue into the third cycle (sandan), but the third cycle cards are “all brand” and “all rare” dresses.

        Normally there are two-three premium dresses, a handful of rare dresses, and a lot of normal cards. This cycle every single card is rare (aside from premiums) and every brand is featured (usually older brands not featured in the show like Aurora Fantasy, Spicy Ageha, Bohemian Sky, Love Moonrise, etc do note get new cards).

        All of that has felt really strange playing the game this past year, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it was leading to some sort of change.

  4. I know not of rumors. I need to find a good Aikatsu site like they have for Poké-things.

    Anyhow, I love that y’all are so consistent and great. Aikatsu is LOVE YOU! I got the STAR ANIS concert even! Keep up the amazing work. You are heroes in my book. 😀

  5. May i ask, if you guys will also be subbing Aikatsu Stars! series? It was confirmed to air by Garlogan on Myanimelist Aikatsu subforum

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