Aikatsu! – 16

Hello, operator? I think I've lost it.

Hello, operator? I think I’ve lost it.

Oh man, it’s finally our first plot spanning two whole episodes.  After watching, if you think this episode’s idoling was good, you can bet next week’s will be even better. I can’t even imagine what sort of things lie on the other side of this concert.  Let’s tanoshimi, bitches.

Episode 16: Torrent

And oh yeah, I don’t think we actually mentioned this yet, but we finally have an xdcc bot of our own, generously donated by Yuyu.  It goes by the name of Kotoura-chan, and can be found on our irc channel #[email protected]

11 thoughts on “Aikatsu! – 16

  1. “Tanoshimi” is Japanese for “pleasure, joy, enjoyment, delight, fun” English equivalent, any of the following words can be used.

    • “Was the training really that difficult?”
      “Yeah… I wasn’t able to do the Special Appeal poses at all.”

      You’re correct in that most situations, she would be saying “no” for “ううん (uun)”. However, try replacing the words. It doesn’t make sense, right? The other option I had was to have her respond “No, but I wasn’t able to do the Special Appeal poses at all.” However, she didn’t use a contrast word such as “demo” or “kedo”, which is why I chose not to do it that way.

      Japanese is a bit strange in that sometimes when you translate it into English, words may have the opposite meaning as they usually do. Japanese is a very context-sensitive language, which is why strange things like that may happen sometimes.

      • Besides her statement there was also her head shaking in a “no” motion that made it seem “yes” didn’t belong, but I can see how the rest of her statement made a translation of “no” an issue.

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