Aikatsu! – 10

Straight as a... what again?

Straight as a… what again?

Headaches all over this episode.  That’s the last time I try to typeset something so horrible.  Hopefully those two seconds won’t look too bad.  Oh, and physics lesson: rainbows always appear the correct way (red on outside) unless there’s a double rainbow, in which case the upside-down one will be above the first.

Episode 10: Torrent

Edit: Upon reviewing the final episode, I’ve realized that I made a horrible mistake.  I’ll reflect upon my awful typesetting abilities.

8 thoughts on “Aikatsu! – 10

  1. you couldve posted this at 12-12-12 we couldve waited for another day im surprised that of 6 subbing groups im following right now nobody posted anything at 12-12-12 😀

  2. I think that typsetting wound up with a few latent issues. Whenever I try to watch with subs on (in VLC media player, if that makes a difference) the video gets stuck (at 5:09) and the audio keeps going for a while then gets stuck in a loop itself. There aren’t any issues if I toggle the subs off right before and after those names get displayed though. Just thought I’d point it out even if it’s been over a year.

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