Welcome to Mezashite, where fansubs are made not with quality, but with love. Here are some of our members.

Akatsukin Everything (except encoding)
Etoce Also everything (except encoding)
Yuyu Encoding (ded)
joletb Typesetting, Encoding
vinylfreak89 Encoding
Chhotu_uttam Typesetting(?)

A note on our translating policy: we assume that our viewers have a basic understanding of Japanese culture, including honorifics and certain Japanese holidays.Β  Anything that we believe is not common knowledge will be included in the new episode release posts, and we will try our best to not include translator notes in the actual releases.

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  1. πŸ™‚ Welcome to Mezashite, where fansubs are made not with quality, but with love. Here are some of our members.

    ^^^ Great motto guys! <3 your work

    Kiniro Mosaic is my favorite anime to date! Cutest anime I ever seen. Diabetes every week!

    Despite being a subber myself, watching quality subs does indeed make an anime feel so much better.

    Keep up the good work πŸ™‚

    • I suggest you go into an irc channel somewhere like ours at #mezashite, or #evetaku, #asenshi, or basically any active subbing group’s place. Hopefully someone will help you, since I can’t and it’s not really something to discuss on a blog.

      • Ah, sorry. Now I see how unclear this question is. I’m not asking about the process. Just what do Mezashite encode to? For example, [1280×720 Hi10P AAC]. What format?

  2. Hi Akatsukin!

    I failed at IRC and my messages probably didn’t get through, but I want to know if you’re interested in helping me out with a ‘*dere’ pamphlet thing I am planning on making. I really like your take on tsundere and that term you came up with, neo-tsundere. Please email me if you’re interested!


  3. I really do love your translation policy, those “Mister and Missis” instead of -sama and -san, for example, annoying me so much…
    Thank you, guys, keep up good work! May God bless your life.

  4. Will you sub Pripara?
    I know that you guys are very reliable and good quality subbers. The only group that is subbing Pripara is Naisho, and they are quitting for Season 2.

    Please consider it!

        • Actually, there hasn’t been a PriPara release since ep 58. I would love to see a group pick this up for the episodes and not just the occasional special/”movie” πŸ™‚

          • TBH mezashite is just a 2-man group + encoder. We usually do a side project when we’ve free time.
            Also picking up a show midway has it’s own share of problems.
            If there is a TL who may be willing to do it, we may be able to help them(and that’s a big MAY because I know the others are not free at all).

  5. hi there, ummm i was wondering if its possible to talk to an admin about the possible subbing of another series alongside aikatsu?

    • Since Aikatsu comes out on Thursdays, and subs usually aren’t released until Saturdays or Sundays it would seem the Mezashite staff is busy and finds it hard enough just to release Aikatsu. I don’t picture them subbing anything else. Not to say I wouldn’t enjoy it if they subbed other things (in addition to Aiktasu). (Seem like a few people have been pushing for Pripara, and I’m guessing that is what you’re trying to push too based on your name). I just can’t picture them having the time to take on something like that at this time.

    • I hope they sub PriPara too (I’m not suggesting them to sub it just hoping πŸ˜€ ).. btw I think Naisho already dropped PriPara?

  6. Hi Mezashite, so I have a request, can you guys sub this anime called PriPara/PuriPara, it’s an idol anime, and since you sub aikatsu, I guessed you could sub PriPara as well. So basically, this sub group called Naisho was originally subbing all the eps of the anime, but now they don’t seem to upload any eps with subs now. There are 38 eps in this anime, and it’s in ep 35 right now. Naisho dropped PriPara in episode 31. There’s also a second season of this anime coming out on April 4, 2015. Hope you accept this request. Thanks.

    • I second that request, Pripara is really awesome anime, i would also compare it to Love Live, since seiyuu of main characters are also real life idol group called Iβ˜†Ris πŸ™‚

  7. They aren’t doing PriPara. If you go into their IRC chat, it states they aren’t going to do it, so stop asking. Same thing goes for the Aikatsu movie.

    • I heard tchem not doing Pripara (And two groups picked it up since then πŸ™‚ ) but they won’t do movie? That’s sad πŸ™

      • no forgive me they are doing the movie. i mean for people to stop asking if they were going to do the movie.

    • the last time someone asked about that was before they confirmed they won’t do it an that was 2 months ago

      And I’m sure we got a confirmation that they will do Aikatsu! movie as soon as it’s out

    • and people didn’t ask about the movie anywhere for the last year or so ever since we got confirmation they’ll do it.

  8. I have a funny old series that no one else has subbed and I seed the raw torrent for it. This seemed right up your guys alley it’s called mama is a fourth grader or Mama wa Shōgaku Yonensei. Please help me sub this I really liked the manga and the anime looks great.

  9. To all the Mezashite members…
    Thank you so much for your time and paitence subbing and releasing all these awesome anime series for us.

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