Kin-iro Mosaic – 05

Seems legit.

Seems legit.

Did you know that younger people tend to say “on accident”, while older people tend to say “by accident”? And certain spellcheckers prefer “spacey” over “spacy” even though “spacey” looks stupid.

Enjoy your graph jokes. TL notes after the break.

Oh yeah, and play our Saimoe game.

Episode 05: Torrent

TL Notes:


The word is 姉御肌 (anegohada), which is literally “older sister skin”, and means “having a bunch of specific qualities one generally associates with older sisters”. The skin part is why Karen is going around poking people in the face. (Also, “anego” is more of the yakuza-woman-in-charge kinda older sister)


This reaction is created by the formal requesty request Karen just made, the ambassaddor-y nature of which we didn’t really convey, so I’m kinda patching that over here.


Like lolicon, but for sisters. You probably knew that, but I need to justify using the term in the release to myself.


I was thinking about making the plural of “Onii-chan” “Oniis-chan”, but that would just look too stupid.


Kokeshis are things. The same kind of thing Alice thought Shino looked like back in episode one.

10 thoughts on “Kin-iro Mosaic – 05

  1. I’m not sure if the “on accident” is an age thing… it’s just wrong is what it is…
    But then this is coming from someone who prefers the version of spacey/spacy you find stupid. It’s the version I first came across and semantically it just seems to fit better. As an adjective suggesting of blankness or space (outer space/vacuousness) containing space rather than spac? seems better to me.

    • I got the on/by accident thing from this and it seems to correlate with my experience too.

      As for spacey/spacy, trailing e’s get cut off almost the time when forming forms in the English language. “Filled with craze” is “crazy”, “kinda like lace” is “lacy”. It extends to pretty much every word formed from another word. An adjective suggesting “spac” would be “spaccy” or “spacky”.

      You’re definitely right that “spacey” is correct. I just don’t like it. It goes against all the rules of the English language (space-y would be fine), and besides, what’s the comparative form of it? Spaceyer? If you use “spacy”, it’s easy. Spacier.

      • Good point, I’ve never really paid attention to the fine details of the language. Just going on about my preference given what I grew up around, typical really ;p

        “On accident” becoming accepted still bugs me. I can only remember hearing this perhaps 1-2 times. If it’s considered normal I must be getting old enough to be out of touch with the demographic that defines language use =(

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