Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge – 01

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Blurrier times

Kiri means “cut”. Iwai means “celebration”. Haimura is gray-village. Which is sort of like gray land.

And there’s actually no cool way to translate “Dansai Bunri (no Crime Edge)” into English. It’s partially due to every single (okay, not literally, but…) Chinese loanword in Japanese being a noun. Even if the original Chinese word was a verb. So things like cutting and severing are non-awkward sounding nouns that are verbified when they need to be verbed. Whereas we have to resort to icky gerunds in English.

Episode 01: Torrent

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  1. btw. what does that “Crime Edge” part of the name means? on ANN is the show translated as “The Severing Crime Edge” which doesnt make much sense to me…

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