Charlotte – 09

I don't know about you, but I like it when they push a ship.

I don’t know about you, but I like it when they push a ship.

Joint with Good Job! Media.

Man, oh man, do we have some plot this episode. Also, I’m trying to think of a Maeda/Key work that doesn’t have or mention a hospital, and I’m coming up blank. Any help? I suppose Air would count if you exclude the Kirishima clinic, but I think that should still count as a hospital.

I’m also gonna plug my ’cause apparently all fansubbers need one of those.

Episode 09: Torrent | Magnet

6 thoughts on “Charlotte – 09

  1. Don’t know if anyone else is having problems with this episode, but my VLC media player stops showing the subtitles after the OP.

  2. Hi, Japanese newb here.
    I’m trying to figure out Nao’s “hikuna”. Is this supposed to be 引く? That’s what I found in Jap subs but I can’t make any sense (grammatically) out of 引く + な and the meaning of this verb looks totally unrelated to me. Has someone a helpful pointer for me? Thanks!

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