An issue with Sony

I’ve been dealing with a thing where someone gained access to my PSN account and charged my card for $500 worth of PSN things. I’ve spent the past three months trying to get the money back from Sony, with results that are both sad and hilarious. I made a write-up of the issue here.

It’ll be an enjoyable read, I promise you. And if you enjoy it and/or want to help me out, I encourage you to tweet @AskPlayStation while including a link to that post in your tweet (


8 thoughts on “An issue with Sony

  1. Read your post before I came here, heh. That’s a really nasty pickle. You will lose things tied to your account if they ban it right?

    Without digging too deep it seems the only way to make a statement is to have your bank have the fraud charges made on those purchases. = DANG!

  2. And that is why I never store my card info on online services. It’s worth entering the number every time I make a purchase on Steam to avoid this.

    Definitely a good read. I hope everything works out for you.

  3. Somebody hacked into my PSN account, and activated 2 PS3, i called Sony helpline, and they told me i have to wait 6 months before i can reset activation, so for 6 months, everything i bought for PSN on PS3, not work 🙁

  4. This is why I recommend to everyone I know if they NEED a credit card number in the system, to go out and get one of those 50$ prepaid ones. You can usually put more money on them when you like, and if someone does steal/hack you they can’t get more than the 50$ that’s on the card.

    Glad to hear you eventually got it all sorted out.

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