Aikatsu Friends! – 042

Reach them

A miracle visited me in real life when I watched this episode for the first time.

Episode 042: Torrent | Magnet

P.S. Thanks for being so kind, everyone. I was able to watch this episode with the maximum amount of enjoyment. If you joined me in my patience, you’ll surely experience the same amount of life-affirming joy that I had.

Aikatsu Friends! – 041

We are all but flowers beneath the warmth of the sun

The way that the small developments we’re given regarding Mirai and Karen this episode shed so much light upon everything that’s happened in the past is just mindblowing. And nothing beats sleepovers. I can only wish that they share some of their love with us over in our world as well. At the very least, I’ll be trying to spread my own like them.

Episode 041: Torrent | Magnet

Aikatsu Friends! – 039

This is Aikatsu!

Finally, we’re back! And in more ways than one. There was that New Year’s break, but also, this episode was Aikatsu down to its core, the very essence of the show. Everything is coming together for this final competition to decide the Friends of Friends. Buckle in.

Also, due to popular demand, I finally got around to uploading everything I’ve written for much of Stars and Friends. You can find links at the very top of the Aikatsu Guide page.

Episode 039: Torrent | Magnet

Mezashite in the news!

Or at least on Polygon. A few months ago I did an interview with a freelance journalist named Soleil Ho (just the perfect name, don’t you think?), and it’s finally been published. Check out her take on the state of anime subs in the modern age.

Aikatsu Friends! – 037

This reminds me of a scene from long ago

Merry Friends Christmas! What a year it’s been, and what excitement is still yet to come. I would watch this without any expectations, because above all else, the one single thing I wanted most is still here. We’ll see you next week again for what looks to be a very special New Year’s episode, so enjoy the holiday!

Episode 037: Torrent | Magnet

Aikatsu Friends! – 035

Sakuya and Kaguya’s winter coats are the best this season

This is all a very good fun episode about divination. And I realized that I may too be blessed by the moon, as it seems one of my song translations maps onto this episode’s plot nicely. Let’s just hope it only works forwards, and I don’t have to remember anything from my embarrassing past.

Episode 035: Torrent | Magnet