Aikatsu Stars! – 041

Have I actually never posted Harururukaruka before?

Have I actually never posted Harururukaruka before?

I’m not sure if there were more signs to typeset in this episode or silly faces that everyone makes, but there are more than enough of both. Notes: The “extra oomph” thing they talk about is actually +α, wasei eigo meaning to add a bit extra. In Japan there’s a belief that dreaming about three certain things for your first dream of the New Year brings you good luck, which is brought up too. And finally, “iruka” means dolphin. That’ll come up.

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Aikatsu Stars! – 040

Hair down Hime Hime is stunned by Yuri's refinement

Hair down Hime Hime is stunned by Yuri’s refinement

Yet another drama episode today. So Lily has a quote from a certain British detective, but I could not find an exact replica of what she says. If you figure out whether it’s real or she’s just making stuff up, let me know. And then Yuzu later makes a joke about trees and herself. Just substitute her name with “monkeys” and you’ll have the original.

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Did I mention season 2 was confirmed? It was.

Aikatsu Stars! – 038

Look forward to another year of Aikatsu!

Look forward to another year of Aikatsu!

A Happy New Year to everyone, and we’re finally back from the much-needed break. As expected of a very Japanese holiday, there were a couple notes to be had. The Taiga Drama that Tsubasa was cast for is a little bit too much to explain here, but can be easily found on Wikipedia. Then there’s the usual stuff you should already be familiar with like the ema (prayer plaques) which are hung up at shrines, and omikuji (fortunes), which are actually pretty in-depth. We’ve also got a confirmed second season of Stars, so we’re not stopping any time soon.

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Aikatsu Stars! – 037

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

Everyone knows that the Christmas episodes of Aikatsu are legendary, and Stars has carried on the tradition. I was losing it because of how incredible this episode was, with both old and new things happening, unexpected twists, and plot development. Snuggle up and enjoy. Also, no new episode next week due to the New Year, just like what happened during the very first season.

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Aikatsu Stars! – 036

Yukana Hotaru is 2cute

Yukana Hotaru is 2cute

In case you were wondering, “over the rainbow” is a different phrase in Japanese than this episode’s title. It also wouldn’t really fit here anyway. Continuing from last episode, how will Yume handle her strange power alone? Let’s find out today and get all our worries solved before the traditional Christmas episode.

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Aikatsu Stars! – 034

Monica is best ganguro

Monica is best ganguro

Wow, I have not seen this style in a very long time. There’s a huge amount of talking about makeup in this episode as you might expect, but considering we’re just a couple of guys, I apologize if we screwed any of the terms up (not to mention some terms only exist in Japanese and vice-versa). Speaking of words, the girls speak in a form of slang known as “gyaru-go”, which is a whole bunch of weird abreevs and such. And in case you were confused, there is in fact a new OP this episode, but not a new ED. That is intentional.

If you’ve ever learned how to count in Japanese you might be confused at how we translated a certain part of this episode, but it makes sense if you try saying it out loud yourself. Also, how is it that Mahiru keeps getting the best songs? She’s too OP.

Also, if you’ve ever learned how to count in Japanese you can check out this video about the exact same thing this episode is about.

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Aikatsu Stars! – 033

Praise genetics

Praise genetics

Yes this is a hot springs episode, but do you really want to venture in and see only old people using them? Two of them are named Kame and Tsuru meaning turtle and crane. These two animals often show up together in Japanese culture, though I primarily know them from the Kagome Kagome game (play Remember11 if you want to learn about it the same way I did) (also the last woman is named Ume, if you were wondering). Today’s quote is apparently from Eric Clapton, but once again the Japanese have found a quote from an Englishman which seemingly doesn’t exist in English. Are we sure they’re not just making shit up? Tell me if you can find a source for the real one.

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Aikatsu Stars! – 032

I'm not sure which part to comment on first

I’m not sure which part to comment on first

I think last post I included a link to what yuzukoshou was, so refer to that if needed. There were a lot of little things this episode that strengthened a bunch of side relationships, like Tsubasa x Yuri and Ako x Kanata, and that’s not even mentioning what the next episode preview promises. It’s also really nice seeing the aftereffects of Koharu leaving on everyone.

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