Aikatsu Friends! – 062

Are you my sister?

I was very close to having to deal with the whole かえる (kaeru, frog) and 帰る (kaeru, to come back) pun, but thankfully they didn’t make me dance around it. But it does explain why the frogs are relevant to the episode. In any case, we’re finally back in Japan, and getting a bit more of our new girl, Harukaze Wakaba. This felt like more of a breather episode, but from here on we should be ramping it up once more.

Episode 062: Torrent | Magnet

Aikatsu Friends! – 060

Memories of you

This may be one of the heaviest episodes of Aikatsu, and not just because of the snow. What could’ve caused such self-denial for so long? We’re racing towards the conclusion, but we’re not there yet. Also, even though you may think that Solvette is on the planet Tundrastar from 0048, I’m now somewhat confident that it’s in alternate Switzerland. The geography is one thing, but Neve, Schnee, and Neige all mean “snow” in French, German, and Italian, the three official languages of Switzerland (thanks to Etoce for his encyclopedic knowledge of languages). Good on you if you figured that out earlier. Now then, try not to freeze by keeping your heart warm with more Aikatsu.

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Aikatsu Friends! – 056

The sepia of clouded memories

Unassuming at first, this episode brings some of the best psychological digging thus far. The emotional conflict arising from the main plotline is driving Aikatsu to new heights, and along with it comes the outdoing of expectations. I had a lot to say in my thoughts this week (link still on the Guide page), but as usual, I want everyone to watch for themselves and form their own opinions. I’ll read what you all think as well.

Episode 056: Torrent | Magnet

Anime Expo Aikatsu and Prism Cosplay Meetup

Nobody else did it, so it falls to me to at least get it started. I’m organizing (for now) a potential cosplay meetup and photo shoot at AX this year. Come join the Discord server for more information.

We’re having it on Day 3, Saturday July 6th, from 12-1 PM at site 6, which is in the area between the two main entrances of West and South Halls.

Aikatsu Friends! – 054

If you look closely at the new CG, you’ll notice that one part of her is mature now…

Whoa, Chiba Misuzu is finally back to write this great Aine/Wakaba/Hibiki episode! Even with all the embarrassment it teaches an enduring lesson that even adults would do well to remember. And while this week was great, next episode is something I’ve been looking forward to for well over a year… what could it possibly be?

Episode 054: Torrent | Magnet